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The a small business owner’s guide to double account is increasing, so the payments are coming through from to QB. Bank feed, un-reconcile the transaction, undo the entry and then match the transaction properly. The “normal” balance for the Undeposited Funds account is $0. If you see a balance in Undeposited Funds on your balance sheet, you need to investigate.

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You might have property to claim through Texas’ Unclaimed Property division.

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As to your first question, I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking. If you pay a bill from another vendor with a credit card, it will appear in both the Vendor Center and credit card account. If you enter a credit card charge as a bill but post it to the credit card account, it will appear in both places. However, with this method you never recorded an expense, so that’s not the right way to account for that type of transaction.

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For small transactions, you can bypass undeposited funds altogether by simply setting the “From Account” to be your revenue account (in this case, “unrestricted contributions”). Such a deposit will increase your bank deposit and increase your revenue . Undeposited Funds is simply a holding account that tracks payments received from customers that have not been deposited to your bank account. In QuickBooks, we follow and use the Undeposited Funds account to hold invoice payments and sales receipts. It’s a detailed type of account under Other Current Assets that are likely to be converted to cash. When you have your deposit slip, make a bank deposit in QuickBooks to combine payments in Undeposited Funds to match.

So, you need to combine your five separate US $100 records in QuickBooks to match what your bank shows as one US $500 deposit. Undeposited Funds acts as a clearing account that can hold the detail of the individual transactions / deposits. On the other end, the benefit of recurring billing to the merchant is that they will get paid automatically and on time and save them a ton of time on their invoicing duties. With recurring billing software in place, invoices are sent, and payments are received automatically. Recording the transactions or payments in the Undeposited Funds account makes the reconciliation of the bank statement with AccountEdge records easy. Once funds have settled in your bank account, you will simply open up the Bank Deposit window and make an entry to your checkbook.

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I have Tal set to cash basis because I need to be able to manually post invoices in QB to use QB’s ability to categorize customer and fee types. Timeslips does all of the billing but can’t do any categorization other than “fees” and “costs”. Most of our payments are in undeposited funds but when I go to the make deposits screen, they are not there to check and make a deposit. Suppose Thor not only got a new cape but a new credit card for making his payments. Think of undeposited funds from the perspective of a plane trip that has a layover in the middle of it.

If your sales from the 1st to the 9th were $3327.90, you could enter daily sales receipts, then you’d be able to choose the receipts to get a deposit that would be closer to $3000. Note it would not equal $3000 exactly, unless your sales receipts for a group of days equals $3000 exactly. When you make a bank deposit, your bank account is debited and undeposited funds is credited on the date of the deposit. If your QB reports aren’t showing the income you expect, you could have problems tied to any one of the above items plus others that don’t come immediately to mind. You can start by looking at your income accounts for the time period in question and trying to find out why the transactions you expect to be there aren’t. Sorry – we have a customized program that we book patients and do all the billing and receiving of payments.

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QuickBooks offers products that are geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. If your company uses Merchant Services like PayPal or Square, they always deduct their fees before the money hits the bank. This is challenging and confusing because you can never directly match the amount of your sale to the deposit. If the owner pockets cash instead of depositing it into the bank, use the Cash back goes to at the bottom of the screen. This deducts the cash from the total amount going into the bank. First of all, Click the Import available on the Home Screen.

On resorting lists, see our article on how to resort lists. Our article lists a range of symptoms that indicate you have a problem with your lists, but it’s a common troubleshooting technique. In your case, it’s probably not necessary, since the behavior you observed is due to a mis-use of Payment Items.


If any other funds are being added to the physical bank deposit that are not listed, use Add other funds to this deposit to enter the details of those funds. Think of it as an envelope where you keep checks/cash until you take them to the bank. It is what is called a ‘clearing account’ and is intended as a temporary landing spot for incoming funds.

A sales receipt is a combination of a sale and a customer payment. In other words, it’s a fully paid invoice at the same time the sale is created. Some use QB invoices to record the revenue, then enter a payment. If that happened, you’ll see 2 revenue transactions and 1 payment in Customer Center. Asya – A problem can occur with QB Online Edition if your banking function automatically imports payment transactions before you’ve recorded payments. Before you delete them, I recommend you research several of them.

This feature is where payments from your company are kept until you decide to transfer them into your bank account. In the example below, I have created GL account as undeposited funds and assigned it to my cash receipts window. In Amount, subtract the total fees for those transactions. The total on the Deposit will now equal the Net that you received in your bank account. You can use the Direct Connect Option by enrolling for the Direct Connect service which will allow you access to the small business online banking option at

I see people do this with frequency when they have invested in industry-specific software that feeds into QuickBooks Online. So you may have many more things hanging out there in your undeposited funds that you need to look at, but let’s quickly pop back to our reports and see what’s happened. We go to the balance sheet we have undeposited funds of zero, but more importantly, let’s have a little look at what’s happened to our profit and loss. The Undeposited funds account is also useful when you receive a payment and you are unsure as to where the payment should be deposited.

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Below is an example moving 10,000 from undeposited funds into your checking account. So for this example, we’re sitting with undeposited funds of $33,500. And the purpose of this example is for the situation when you have a lot of really old transactions. I’ve seen it, for example, when a conversion’s gone through and one company had hundreds and hundreds of transactions from 2006 or something that were recorded as undeposited. Same thing by 14th, I deposit $1000 for the sales from 10th to 14th.What happens to the balance amount? From your description, it sounds like the transactions is recording in the undeposited funds account are missing certain data fields, which causes them not to appear on the list.

They paid a portion by Credit Card, which has a different processing time than the portion paid in cash. This means that you need to record multiple different payments to close out the sale in QBO. When the money comes into the bank feed, it will be easier to MATCH, given that your records will indicate exactly the payment type and dates. Use the Undeposited Funds account to hold invoice payments and sales receipts you want to combine. It’s like the lockbox you keep payments in before taking them to the bank.

Perhaps this data map can help.

But if you’re doing it properly and you know, it is tax, then that’s what you should do. The impact of this will have been seen down in retained earnings. If we looked early, this would’ve been $33,000 higher. And now I have an account that I can put this to without messing up any of my banking records. The other thing I would suggest doing is keeping all of these transactions back in the year that they relate to you really don’t want to be messing up anything current. So if we select all of these here and we say, save and close, what we’ve done now is we’ve moved this amount from the undeposited funds to undeposited clearing that new account we made.

Select the old customer payments that are still showing in the undeposited funds account. Next, record a deposit in Checking for $1,500, but for the account used in Undeposited Funds. This posts a “transfer” from Undeposited Funds to Checking, thus reducing the balance of Undeposited Funds to $0 and putting the money into Checking, where it was deposited. Because there was only one deposit posted into Checking, it will line up with your bank statement, making the bank reconciliation easier to complete. ReliaBills is an excellent option and is created to synchronize with your QuickBooks account. We offer a hassle-free system for processing and managing invoices and other payments.

In your case, you are best served by trying to reconcile that first statement because that will shed a lot of light on the problems you’ll face on other statements. Even if you adopt the approach of reconciling all statement periods as a group, you’ll have an understanding of what types of transactions might not have been recorded. For example, some firms that recorded all checks and deposits might miss bank fees or issues where a customer payment was returned unpaid. Knowing that can help you explain your overall discrepancy.

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If your boss or client is not going to accept this reconciliation adjustment, adopting this method is not a good approach. Also, there’s no way to know how large the adjustment will be or whether it will add to net income or reduce it until you try it. If it adds to net income, your boss or client might then complain about having to pay taxes on an adjustment that he or she doesn’t fully understand.

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